About INNP.  INNP Consulting is an independent business consulting firm based in Austin, Texas specializing in business valuation, strategic management, financial dispute & litigation consulting services for small & medium-size businesses.


INNP Consulting offers business valuation services for litigation, transaction, regulatory and tax purposes to assist our clients in determining the value of business, business ownership interest, security or intangible asset. The most common reasons for valuations include sales and divestitures, mergers and acquisitions, entry or exit of partners, buy/sell agreements, capital infusions, expert testimony and litigation support, estate planning and taxation, charitable contributions, insolvency opinions and determination of liquidation value in bankruptcy, loan applications and divorces.

In every stage of business development, such as start-up, growth, establishment, expansion, maturity and exit, through in-depth data analysis, experience and market understanding, we help our clients make the most fundamental directional choices affecting every aspect of their business. Specifically, we assist our clients in achieving strategic positioning for competitive advantage, redefining long-term vision and trajectory, analyzing value creation along the value chain, making decisions about adding or discontinuing business units or entry or exit of market segments, and sustaining competitive advantage built on organizational capabilities.

Our corporate finance services assist our clients in increasing the value of their business and provide tools and analyses to better allocate financial resources while balancing risk and profitability. Specifically, INNP consulting assist in business management, growth, and value creation through mitigating risks, minimizing cost of capital, performing valuation and capital budgeting, advising on optimal capital structure and sources of funding, analysis of financial statements and development of financial models, forecasts, budgets and long-range plans. 

Based on thorough research and valuation experience, we offer expert witness and litigation consulting services to clients facing a hearing, arbitration, or trial to help them reach conclusions and resolve financial disputes regarding complicated matters such as valuation of intangible assets, closely-held businesses and other difficult-to-appraise interests, as well as lost profits and other economic damages related to insurance claims, royalties or any other contractual obligations.



We help private equity firms, holding companies, corporate executives and business owners evaluate complicated transactions to avoid unanticipated surprises and maximize returns. Our financial and statistical models, benchmarking, scenario and sensitivity analyses help our clients identify and forecast trends and make better business decisions.

INNP Consulting offers a variety of start-up related services including feasibility analysis, developing of effective business model, industry and competitor analysis, writing a business plan, evaluating financial requirements, assembling a team of key founders, employees and advisors, getting funding, determining sales, distribution and marketing channels, defining growth and franchising strategies.


Business valuation & consulting services for small and medium-size businesses


1. Our Mission


At INNP Consulting, we are about delivering results and consistently exceeding your expectations, every time, on every engagement.

We help our clients, such as private equity firms, attorneys and business owners, solve their most challenging business problems and assist in the most demanding projects transforming uncertainty into opportunity and swift positive change.  We create innovative solutions and empower our clients with tools needed to increase the value of their business and shape a more prosperous future for their business and employees. All of us at INNP truly enjoy being our clients’ trusted finance business partners in every stage of their business development.  

2. Our Core Values


Our core values are the fundamental principles that support our mission, define our standards of behavior and are present in every aspect of our work.

Our values are:

  • Integrity: We always do the right thing and act with honesty and transparency.

  • Quality: We take pride in providing high quality services and solutions that ensure customer satisfaction and build strong client relationships.

  • Creativity: We strive to provide innovative solutions that challenge conventional way of thinking and open new business opportunities.  

  • Respect: We promote honesty, collaboration and diversity in the workplace.

  • Communication:  We strive for open, clear and effective communication to intimately learn about our client’s business, achieve high client engagement and successful collaboration.


Tel: 512-893-8000

Anastasia brings over 11 years of professional experience in management consulting, litigation consulting, corporate finance, portfolio management and business valuation.  She has served clients in the U.S., Middle East and Russia across a broad range of industries including high-tech manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare, banking, brokerage, oil and gas, U.S. Federal and state governments. 


Anastasia is a dynamic and resourceful finance business partner who is passionate about helping C-level executives and organizations tailor and execute business strategies that drive profitable growth.  She applies her experience and insight to providing direct financial oversight and decision support for our clients to help them achieve sustainable success.





INNP Consulting

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Tel:  512-893-8000


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